on-grid solar system

On-Grid System

Our design of the Solar PV system uses market leading branded equipment to ensure durability and serviceability.

Internet Connected Monitoring system is provided for you to daily monitor your PV output. We even package our Residential PV systems into few standard packages for better control of quality of our equipment supplies. That's how committed we are in designing our product systems into few standard.

All Solar PV Module Generated Energy to be 100% sell back to TNB with 21 years guarantee contract.

Please click here to view our life Solar PV Monitoring over Internet.

Off-Grid System

The term off-grid refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of NOT being connected to the national TNB grid.

All Solar Generated Energy are being store to large battery bank for backup use.

We offer off-grid system mainly to farming area, student green lab and some GPS remote station which is without national grid. Please browse our project picture for more understanding of Off-Grid System.

Other Solutions

If you have any system would like to be under solar powered, kindly send us enquiry